Receiving resumes and applications is just the beginning of the hiring process. Perhaps the most important step is the interview stage. During interviews, employers can determine subjectively how well an individual will "fit in" to a company. As many managers know, in addition to technical ability and educational background, it is extremely important to match an employee's personality with a company's culture.

The interview lets employers view a candidate's interpersonal skills firsthand. What questions should be asked, what questions are illegal to ask, and what approach is best are all significant interviewing issues. Fortunately there are web sites that serve as excellent resources for employers about the interview process. For instance, find 41 commonly asked interview questions at aa103100a.htm. And although some of the job interview questions were developed for computer positions, excellent general questions about the candidate, organizational skills, teamwork, and previous work experience can be found at Visit and to learn more about the different types of interviews. An excellent article about illegal interview questions can be found at

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